Year 3 Haworth Residential

Year 3 went on a Residential to Haworth from Monday 16th May 2016 to Wednesday 18th May 2016.

On Monday, we walked to Haworth main street to complete a village study. We had to use our skills to pin point certain places and answered questions about the history of the shops. The children were very excited to visit the old fashioned sweet shop, we could have bought the whole shop! Later, we walked to the Parsonage and the children learnt that the Bronte sisters were famous for writing stories. We saw the church where their father used to work. We read a sign on what used to be the school and found out that Charlotte had once taught there.

On the Monday night the children had been very well behaved so we went down to the park. We enjoyed playing lots of sports activities such as rugby, football, rounders and tennis. All children showed they were able to work as a team and understood a key element of this was communication. What was lovely to hear was another member of the public say our children were being very respectful and responsible.

On Tuesday, we set off walking to Bronte Waterfall over the moorlands. It was a lovely day so we took a packed lunch and ate it by the waterfall. The children did exceptionally well, in total we walked 14km, which is a long way for little legs. On the way back to the Hostel we stopped off to see the film set that was on top of the moorland, it was much bigger than we expected. A kind member of the public came to tell us some interesting facts.

On Wednesday, we went to Cobbles and Clay where the children got to choose from a cup, plate or bowl to paint. They got some orange juice and a piece of flapjack. We had a fantastic time! Mrs Heathcote is going to pick up the children's painting and bring them back to school, which I'm sure you can't wait to see.

Overall, we had a fantastic time! The children demonstrated the schools ethos of the 4R's at all times. Mrs Heathcote, Miss Greenwood and Miss Dagia were very proud to say Year 3 children are from Merlin Top!

Photos from Haworth Residential