School Meals

From September 2014 all pupils in reception, year 1 and year 2 in state-funded schools in England will be eligible for free school meals (FSMs). This will include academies, free schools, pupil referral units and alternative provision as well as maintained schools. More information can be found here

School dinners are served at lunch times and cost £8 week [£1.60 a day]. A copy of the school dinners menu can be found here

Children can to bring a healthy packed lunch as an alternative to a school meal; a copy of the schools packed lunch policy can be found in the about section of this website, under policies.

Parents of children starting school in September can make an application as soon as they are notified of their school place. Even if you have another child in school who is currently receiving free meals you need to make a new application. You can apply online, by telephone or the school office can provide you with an application form. - The form can also be download by clicking the link >>>FSM form June 2014

Parents can also access Free School Meals directly by visiting >>>

A small carton of milk is provided daily free of charge to all Nursery and Reception. Children in Years 1 & 2 who are entitled to free school meals are also entitled to free milk. However all other children in Years 1 & 2 have to pay termly in advance. A letter will be sent to parents reminding them when the money is due. Please note that there is a final date for payment and this is strictly adhered to. Milk is not available for children in Key Stage 2.