Behaviour at Merlin Top

There is a direct link between good behaviour and good progress in learning. There is also a direct link between misbehaviour and under achievement. We want all our pupils to do the very best they can at school and because of this we use Assertive Discipline which highlights the positives and administers consequences for choosing inappropriate behaviour. All good behaviour starts from relationships, trust, love, care and mutual respect. We need to have a good relationship with pupils to provide a basis for good behaviour. There are two parts to behaviour: learning behaviour, which can be good or bad, and following rules etc.

we take firm measures to ensure that all our pupils, staff and visitors can be sure that the school is safe and secure. If you believe your child is the victim of bullying then please report this to any adult member of staff at school; the class teaching assistant, teacher, vice-principal or principal, who will all take your concern seriously, and will act in accordance with our Anti-bullying policy.

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