Science Week

During the week Monday 13th to Friday 17th February 2017 Merlin Top hosted Science Week a strange occurrence happened and something was found in the playground.


On Monday PCSO Stobbard came to school because part of a spaceship had landed on the school grounds. He tested the fingerprints that came back as an 'unknown species.' There was lots of green slime and one boot left behind from the alien. PSCO Stobbard tested the spaceship and found it to be safe, so we kept it in school in case the alien came looking for it.


On Tuesday KS1 and KS2 moved classes to complete experiments with different teachers. The experiments ranged from explosions to making goo and the children really enjoyed it.


On Wednesday Carl paid a tribute to David Bowie and the children learnt 'Starman.'

Iain, from Bradford Media Museum, worked with Year 2 and Year 3 to make a simple circuit. The children produced a ultra violet torch to use to uncover secret messages written in a special pen!


Let the installation set up commence! All the teachers worked hard to set up the children's work in the Bronte Room.


Olga brought the Planetarium to Merlin Top. All children from years 1-6 were able to take part in a visual experience that brought the solar system to life.

Parents were invited to view the installation and see what work had been created throughout the week. Great feedback was given from those who attended!

Merlin Top had an out of this world experience!